The native RUT token.

The RUT token is a native currency inside the Rutile network. It allows you to pay for executing functions and pay for storage. It incentives participants to do honest work and allow them to extract fees from the web application.

So how do fees work if the user does not pay for them?

Instead of the user paying for fees the deployer of the application does. It charges the address of the function with RUT which participants can discharge when a call to that function is being done.

But it’s, of course, possible that a developer decides to not charge the application anymore.  Luckily in Rutile, it’s possible for anyone to charge an application. This allows even old applications to still be executed.

Trade on

Distrubution of tokens.

150,000,000 RUT tokens will be available at creation. Tokens will be distributed across team members, company operations and users.

Token info

Address: 0xf050e54d2b50c055c9919a4b856a195221d3db71
Decimals: 18
Ticker: RUT
Total Supply: 150,000,000

  • 70% Distributed to Community

  • 22% Company operations

  • 8% Founders and Team