Decentralized web applications, both online and offline.

Revolutionary technology to send value, interact with smart contracts, host websites & applications, all without your users paying a dime for fees.

Hosting for the 21st century.



Be unstoppable, even when a server crashed or exploded. Thanks to decentralizing the servers.


Offline support

Offline support out of the box, for those times when you don’t have internet access.


Blockchain secured

Making sure that your data is not being tampered with and securely stored.

No server worries.
More sleep.

Stop worrying about data center outages. Rutile is not controlled by a single party but by thousands of participants across the world. This creates a network of servers that help your site be available to as many users as possible.


Most platforms based on the blockchain requires users to pay for each interaction they have with your application. This creates frustration between your user and your application. Rutile is focused on the user side of the application, resulting in the elimination of fees.


Secured by the Blockchain.

Rutile is based on the Blockchain. It helps to secure the network by giving participants an incentive to serve your content. Nodes are rewarded for acting fast and being honest. This also allows you to create self-executing (smart) contracts and exchange value.

Always there, even when offline.

In Rutile the server is the user. Users execute and store on their local browser and submit the changes to the network. This allows you as a user to submit your changes when you are back online.

And so much more..


Serveless functions

Write serverless functions in any programming language you want.



Store files across the network, and access the from any server.



Get rewarded in RUT tokens for helping hosting and to secure the network.

Available exchanges

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